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Strategy International (SI) is an international institution. It is a Nonprofit, Public and International Policy Organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece.


SI members are leading experts, academics and professionals.  SI also includes a Young Global Leaders Network.


Since 2008, SI conducts cutting edge primary research in all fields of International & Security Affairs, Smart & Cultural Diplomacy, Innovative Technology through Social Networks, International Political Economics & Development & Growth, Environmental Issues & Strategies.

SI formulates, consults, shapes & applies innovative policies, nationally, internationally and around the globe.



Strategy International (SI) is an International Think Tank.
It is a non-profit Organisation.
(SN 1936/21 May 2009, Thessaloniki Court of First Instance).



Scope:           To create, promote and initiate Political and Strategic  issues relating to  joint national and international collaboration at the European, Atlantic, Regional  and Global levels.




- To conduct Primary Research, Consult, Educatie and initiate new programs. of national international concern.


- To create a National and International network of Leaders and Decision-Makers, Negotiators and Succesful Professionals.


- To educate and train new and current professionals from a diversity of fields academic and business.



SI Academic Board Members conduct research on cutting edge sectors that help formulate and shape policies from around the world in Greece.


Such sectors include (but are not limited to) the following:


A) Research on Geo-Strategic and Geo-Political Matters: 21st century geo-strategic and geo-political changes and challenges are regarded as strong tools for the formulation of foreign and defence policies national, supranational or international. The example of the Eurasian continent, which is at the forefront of every geopolitical activity around the globe is a pertinent one. It is the estimate that the power that dominates Eurasia, will control one of the more advanced and financially productive areas of the globe.

The geopolitical control of Eurasia automatically promotes the geostrategic control of Africa for the leading power, making the Western hemisphere and Oceania dependent upon the main Eurasian continental mass.


B) Research on Cultural Diplomacy: The introduction of cultural diplomacy as a means of conducting foreign policy via soft power is a method whose application is receiving increased focus via the major geostrategic players such as the USA and amongst international organisations such as NATO. The most successful and efficient application of all are the tools afforded by cultural diplomacy, in a world where asymmetrical, terrorist-initiated threats are of increasing importance is a matter that must be researched in an applicable manner.


C) Research on Environmental Security: Environmental factors have been recognised to play a significant role in interstate disputes while their effects are transnational. We aim with the continued research and permanent educative programs and seminars to create the leading figures of research scientists and negotiators as to promote new policy ideas that will sustain and promote the values and freedoms that Democracy has provided us with.


D) Leadership Through Technology, Innovation, Mediation: The Ability to make concrete analysis, create comprehensive approaches to issues of Strategy and to consult on issues of potential interests. Global Collaboration and Co-operation through Green Technology and Green Energy.


E) Global Education Through Global Leadership: Prepare Professionals, Academics, Entrepreneurs, Students and Individual on Global issues of Security and Strategic Concern in the Field of Politics, Economics, Law, Public Administration and Public Policy.


F) Through the presentation and initiation of new programs, of constructive collaboration national regional and international, Strategy International brings forward issues for consideration with formal and important proposals that can be adopted and constructed.


Sole purpose is to bring collaboration and co-operation among national and international leading Government, Companies and Institutes.