Call for Papers (SESSTL Journal Vol V/2013)

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An International On-Line Review Journal on Southeastern European Security Strategy and Transatlantic Leadership

(Please note that this is the On-line Security Review Journal of Strategy International)

Vol. V/ 2013 (Due Date  of Publication of the Journal December 15th 2013)

The Academic Research Board of Strategy International would like to invite all intended Academics, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to a call for papers for the fourth (IV) Volume of the online Review Journal (on Southeastern European Security Strategy) Published in the final quarter of 2013.


                            These are the fields of interest to the journal:

"International Relations, Politics, Strategic and Military Science, Security Development, Information Warfare, Leadership, Geopolitics and Entrepreneurialship, Green Technology and Environmental Policy, Global Leadership and Politics, International Law and Policy Making, Intelligence and Security Studies, Peace-keeping and Peace-Management Politics and Operations, Theories of International Relations and Strategic Implications of Historiography in the Application of International Security Affairs, International Development, Cultural Diplomacy".




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Call for Papers- Strategic Report Paper Review

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                                               August 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece


Call for Papers:

Strategic Series Paper Reviews-Strategic Reports


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Work Overview:

Strategy International, a premier and innovative institute in international strategic analysis and strategic affairs.


Strategy International calls for original international academic and professional articles for the "Strategic Series Paper Reviews -"Strategic Reports".


3 working languages: English, French, Greek


The Strategic Series Paper Reviews-Strategic Reports are published under

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