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Dimitrios Anagnostou

Head of Youth

Recruiter, Strategy International


Dimitris is a Bachelor’s student at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). He is concluding his studies in International Relations and Diplomacy. He is also a Bachelor’s student at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki at the School of Economics and management at the Department of Business Travel Section. His interests are in Politics and Strategic Studies, Management and Operational Management and Business to Business Relations.

Dimitris Speaks English, French and Spanish (Beginner).


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Kostas Papadopoulos

Youth coordinator & Liaison to the CEO

Strategy International

Has concluded his Bachelors in International European Studies at the University of Macedonia. Kostas’ interests are focused on Global Economic Development, Political issues, Diplomacy and International Relations. He is keen on studying about other civilizations and their history their effects on their current policy. He is an active member of the Students Association at University of Macedonia and takes part at many seminars on political, strategic and international affairs. Kostas also heads the Youth Blog SI.

Kostas speaks Greek, English, German and French.








Pelopidas Prwios

Assistant to the youth team

Strategy International


Pelopidas graduated from the French College of Thessaloniki and is finishing his studies in Civil Engineering at the Technological Institute in Serres. Pelopidas’ interests are political,financial and strategic issues. He is an active member of student organizations in his university. He is also interested in using Computers.He also attended other strategic seminars.

Pelopidas speaks French and English.






Antonios Xenidis-Dervos

Director of Social Media

Strategy International


Antonis is concluding his bachelor degree at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). His major is in International Relations and Diplomacy and his minor is Computer Science.Tony served in the Hellenic Armed Forces in Cyprus (ELDYK) and his interests are global history and politics with a specification on european policies.

Antonios speaks Greek and English.