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Ex-Libyan Leader Gaddafi Reported Dead

Created on Thursday, 20 October 2011 14:21 Published Date

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For Immediate Press Release by Strategy International:


From the Inside Sources of Strategy International Media Room:


According to the Independent Libyan state television reports that deposed Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi has been killed. There has been no independent confirmation from any government source except International Media Sources. 

Moammar Gaddafi was supposedly captured at his home city of Sirte during the day of October 20th 2011. Sources state that NATO air forces attacked a convoy after a hint that was given to the Alliance and Libyan forces of a convoy trying to flee Sirte,while the Libyan transitional national council had also surrounded the area and were finally engaged in heavy exchanges of gunfire with the convoy once the air attack came to an end by NATO.


"NATO’s military activity had tapered to nearly nothing in recent weeks, as tight urban combat in Sirte was not appropriate for alliance airstrikes. Instead, tough street fighting had some Libyans worried about the beginnings of an insurgency" according to the Washington Post. 


Sirte, the last city to stand by loyalist forces to the side of Gaddafi has been in the middle of fierce fighting for the last two weeks of the month of October.


Libyan  revolutionaries later on recognised and helped to create an interim government for Libya, officially started its work in February 2011. NATO had agreed after a UN Security council decision to implement a no-fly zone and air attacks to help the rebels on the ground. The operations erupted along the sea side of libya expanding to the whole of the country. 


The ex-Libyan leader fled Tripoli in August when the revolutionary forces managed to capture after fierce fighting and with the help of NATO forces.


This is the end of an era for more than 42 years of dictatorship by Mouammar Gaddafi, Media sources report.  The Libyan Interim Government confirmed at the Media Channel Al' Jazeera that the Libyan Leader had been apparenty wounded in the legs. Once the convoy stopped the took him out and apparently his was shot and killed in his head. Later reporters and transitional council confirmed his death . Now they are apparently according to international news sources trying to trasport him by an ambulance to Misurata. 


Gaddafi was aknowledged by the international community as a dictator, terrorist and tyrrant for the last 40 years in Libya. The International Court in Hague (ICC), Holland, had ordered his capture and expedition to the international court to be judged for criminal crimes against hummanity during this past summer. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.


In Tripoli, hundreds of people hit the streets of Tripoli as well as Sirte. Cars are honking their horns. The air is filled with celebrations and gunfires.



Questioned on the end of the Gaddafi Regime the head of Strategy International  Dr. Efthymiopoulos stated the following:


"If this is officially confirmed by  the international community and governments but also by NATO and his Head of the Military Forces, the Supremme Allied Commander of NATO Forces in Europe, Admiral Stavridis,  all directly that are engaged in the operations in Libya, then we can certainly say that this is the end of an era for Libya that was descibed by tyrranism and massive atrocities.

"...History will now be the judge of this on what were the reasons to bring Libya to such a case.... coming back to the main point of this issue, this is now a time to end fighting. The rebels must declare the end of the revolution, officially. The guns of the rebels need to be recovered...

...It is time to start reconstruction of the country. Libya,  a country rich in natural resources.These assets can be an asset to Libya's development. This is a time for the Libyan people to introduce democracy and democratic rules in their country and in the region. Gaddafi is finally and already condemned by the international community. Most importantly by the Libyan people..."


To what concerns his son. Is he captured as well?

"...His son, if my sources are right has been captured in Tripoli. He will therefore possibly be requested by the ICC to be also expedited, in a fast pace. He will be judged for the doings also of his father..."


What are the next steps from now on?

"...The only thing that the international community needs to make sure is to protect now libya unity. To avoid any possible independent reactions by the pro-Gaddafi people that will be looking forward to counter-back his death"


"...The international community needs to be swift in asking national elections and the creation of institutions, networks of communication and the aknowledgment of a new government that will result from the elections. Development and investment in basic resources to ease the life of citizens of Libya immdiately".